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Aloe Vera has the most powerful healing effect in nature and it has more than 75 nutritive substances for our body. Because of that, and many other reasons, this plant it is considered a “miracle plant”.  

In this case, our fresh Aloe Vera juice has a 99.7 % of crushed fresh Aloe Vera pulp, but is filtered. So without pulp. We mix this fresh juice with the minimum amount of natural preservatives (3%), in order to stabilize the product and keep it fresh for about 12 months. 

We produce every month new and small amounts of fresh crushed Aloe Vera pulp, ensuring like this always the freshness of our products. 

It is one of the purest products that you can currently find. It can be used for application directly on skin and scalp, as it does not contain any pulp and it will be absorbed fast, leaving no trace. 

All the plants used for manufacturing our products come from our ecological plantations, located on the Canary Islands.

Take daily from 20 to 25 ml (2 teaspoons), preferably on empty stomach, to benefit yourself from all its properties.

Aloe Vera is a lily, so it shares family with garlics, onions and tulips. Consequently, the taste of the fresh pure crushed pulp may be a bit bitter and since the natural preservative we use is extracted from lemons, the flavour might be slightly acid. 

Therefore, it is recommended to mix the daily dose of crushed Aloe Vera pulp with fruit juice, water, honey or other liquids that help to reduce the bitterness of the lily itself. Mixing Aloe Vera with other substances does not reduce its nutritional value. 

In cases of heartburn or acid reflux it is recommended to take a teaspoon of freshly crushed Aloe Vera pulp before every meal; this in order to reduce the acid levels produced by gastric juices, during and after the meal. 

In cases of psoriasis, constipation or during chemotherapy treatments, it is recommended to take 4-5 teaspoons daily. As it does not contain any pulp pieces, it is a completely uniform liquid that can be used internally or applied onto skin or scalp. 

The freshly crushed Aloe Vera pulp can be ingested daily by people over 5 years old. 

However there are still doubts whether pregnant women can use it or not.

This product contains 99.7% of freshly crushed pulp of Aloe Vera, extracted from its leaves, and cold pressed so it is recommended to store it in the fridge once opened, and this in order to avoid its early oxidation. 

This product will last 6 months once opened. 

NOTE: After 6 months in the fridge, the colour of the juice will begin to turn yellow. This is the normal oxidation process of the plant, so you can continue using it until the product reaches 12 months or until it turns orange.

500ml Bottle.