About us ..
Aloe Vera Luxury.com was born with the clear objective of differentiating ourselves by offering a top quality product, 100% ecological and handcrafted in the Canary Islands (Spain).
We are a Canarian company dedicated to the production of Aloe Vera in the Canary Islands. The privileged climate of the Canary Islands gives Aloe Vera some very high quality properties that we transfer to the products. Our main objective is to transmit the enthusiasm and care that we capture throughout the process from the plantation itself until it reaches the final consumer, converted into an exclusive product of first quality, handcrafted. In our factories we want to make a difference, providing our customers with pure Aloe Vera, without complex manufacturing processes, just as our ancestors did and with a quality identical to that of the pulp of freshly cut Aloe Vera leaves.
The variety that we grow is called Aloe Barbadensis Miller, commonly known as "Aloe Vera".
We hope that many of you can enjoy our products, just as we have enjoyed the end result of it.
Best regards, aloeveraluxury.com