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Aloe Vera Luxury


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Ecological Aloe Vera.

Handcrafted in the Canary Islands (Spain).

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73,8% Pure Aloe Vera juice+ 25% Indian Fig juice and Stevia - 750ml

The cactus fig or Indian fig is a species of cactus native to Mexico. Some of the common English names for the plant and its fruit are Indian fig, Barbary fig, Tuna, cactus pear and prickly pear. Its scientific name is Opuntia ficus -india.


In the Canary Islands we can found mainly two different varieties of this plants: one of them produces yellow fruits and the other one, red fruits. The most known and used as a nutritional supplement are the red fruits called “Indian figs” or as the Canarian people call them " Indian tunos".


The "Indian figs" can be eaten without skin, raw or cooked. Its pulp is fleshy, sweet and jelly, full of little seeds that are eaten with the pulp. The Indian fig has been a food staple of the indigenous tribes of Central America for centuries. Thanks to its great properties it has been also part of the traditional medicinal remedies of these tribes.


In the Canary Islands the Indian fig juice was used as an effective remedy in the treatment of liver and gallbladder problems, as well as in cases of high fever and colds. It was also widely consumed in times of famine. In addition, these plants attract a parasitic insect called cochineal. This insect has a very distinctive red colour that has an unalterable fixity; accordingly, this red dye was used for giving colour to many clothes of the age. The sale of this natural dye became so important in the Canary Islands that, in 1870 accounted for 90% of the whole export amount of the islands.


STEVIA - Natural sugar substitute

Stevia is a plant native to the tropical region of South America, which is still wild in Paraguay and Argentina. In the last several decades, the Stevia plantations have grown, due to its sweetening properties and caloric deficiency.


Stevia has beneficial effects on the absorption of fat and therefore, on blood pressure. It contains carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals. The Stevia leaves can be 20 to 30 times sweeter than sugar. Currently called "the sugar of the diabetics" for its powerful regulatory effect on blood sugar.


Stevia is important for people who want to lose weight, not only because it will help to reduce the caloric intake, but because it increases the satiety feeling.

This product is made out from fresh leaves of Stevia, it does not come from extract.



Take daily from 25 to 50 ml (4 teaspoons), preferably on empty stomach, to benefit yourself from all its properties.

The fresh Aloe Vera and Indian fig crushed pulp can be daily ingested by people over 5 years old.

In pregnant women, there are still doubts about whether they can take it or not.



This product contains 73,8% of fresh crushed pulp of Aloe Vera mixed with a 25% of Indian fig crushed pulp. Both are extracted directly from its leaves and fruits, without ultrafiltration, so it may contain traces of Aloe Vera pulp, Indian fig and Stevia. As it does not contain to much preservatives, it is recommended to store this product in the fridge once opened, in order to avoid its early oxidation.


The green colour of this product is produced by the natural Stevia leaves.

This product will last 12 months once opened.



750ml PET plastic pre-sealed bottles.